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About Us

The Val d'Or Continuing Education Centre endeavours to foster a  positive and engaging learning environment for all students. We remain committed to fostering partnerships within the Val-d'Or community to ensure the needs of its members are reflected in our programming.

As we are an Adult Education Centre our student demographic ranges from 16-60 years of age.

The centre environment is centred around individualized learning. This means students can customize their schedule, their focus, and their pace toward their goals.


The The Val d'Or Continuing Education Centre offers the following services to our community:

  • Quebec High School Diplomas

  • Quebec Vocational Diplomas

  • Lanugage Training (by request and numbers dependant)

  • Academic Upgrading

  • Pre-requisite training

  • GDT (General Development Test) Testing

  • Ongoing enrollment in Secretarial and Accounting Programs

  • Classroom and facility rental opportunities evenings and weekends

Our SErvices
Our Services

Quebec High School Diploma

We are primarily an academic school providing high school diplomas and equivalencies.

Quebec Vocational Diploma

We offer various, periodic Vocational Diploma programs.

Academic advising

Contact us for advice on enrollment, courses, credits, transcripts, goal setting, and academic planning for your future!

student support services

Connect for student support in areas related to social-emotional support intake,  professional referrals, and community referral for funding.

WQSB Complaints procedure

The National Student Ombudsman is responsible for applying the complaint and report processing procedure in Québec’s education system.

As part of this province-wide and standardized procedure, the National Student Ombudsman is assisted by Regional Student Ombudsmen throughout Québec. Together, they ensure that student and parent rights are upheld. As a result, they contribute to the continuous improvement of education system services.

Student Life Gallery
Student Life Gallery
"It's fun I love the staffs."
-Julyne Babin
just sayin'
Contact Us
Contact Us

Let's Connect

Connect with us about anything from obtaining your diploma to renting our centre and classrooms.

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