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About Us

At our adult education center, professionalism is rooted in compassion and respect. We prioritize leading with the heart, creating a safe and supportive environment where students feel valued and understood. We strive to be steady anchors and calm seas, guiding our students through their educational journey with empathy and patience. 

We treat our students as adults and partners, fostering a collaborative atmosphere where their voices are heard, and their input is valued. Through active listening and genuine engagement, we seek to understand their needs and preferences, always acting in their best interest. Decision-making is a shared process, empowering students to take ownership of their learning experience. 

Customization is key to our approach, recognizing that each student has unique strengths and challenges. We provide tough love from a place of compassion, offering praise, recognition, and positive feedback to encourage growth and confidence. Upholding their dignity and confidentiality is paramount, ensuring a safe and respectful space for learning. 

We consistently view situations through the lens of "how can I best help students," staying positive, proactive, and solution-oriented at all times. Our communication is non-confrontational, fostering understanding and cooperation. We refrain from swearing, taking things personally, or passing judgment, instead focusing on building trust and mutual respect. 

We understand that education is a lifelong pursuit for intellectual and social growth, which makes an individual a productive, contributing and caring member of society. 

In summary, our professionalism is defined by our commitment to compassion, partnership, and empowerment, always striving to uphold the values of adult education in everything we do. 


The Centre and its Community

Our centre was originally named Western Quebec Continuing Education Centre and re-named Val-d’Or Continuing Education Centre in 2019.


In 2015, the centre moved from a separate building adjacent to Golden Valley school to occupy one wing of the same school. Former elementary classes were converted into two classrooms: one for Adult Education and another one for Vocational Training, a Cultural Room, 
a student cafeteria and a main office for staff and secretary, plus students and staff’s bathrooms; all efforts to accommodate adult learners.

The Val-d’Or Continuing Education Centre is located at 980 7th Street, in the municipality of Val-d’Or. The name of the town comes from the term La Vallée-de-l'Or, which means “The Valley of Gold”.  

The administrative territory of the Western Québec School Board covers all of Abitibi-Temiscaming. The board’s activities are concentrated in three areas with significant English-speaking populations: Val-d’Or, Rouyn Noranda and Temiscaming.

The Val-d’Or Continuing Education Centre is located near the heart of town, which makes it strategic to receive students from all the surrounding sectors and parts of the city.


Our clientele are represented by a diverse group composed of Indigenous, Anglophone, Francophone and international students. 

Our Mission is to continue to cultivate a compassionate and respectful learning environment with inclusivity and diversity visible and at the forefront, guiding our students with empathy and patience as they navigate their educational journey. We empower our students as partners in their learning experiences, prioritizing customization, active listening, and collaborative decision-making to foster growth and confidence. 

Our Vision is to provide quality education with the highest academic standards encouraging students to be motivated by their own achievements and empowering them to achieve their full potential.” 

In our adult education community, we embrace a set of core Values that underpin our collective journey. Safety is paramount, fostering an environment where trust, respect, and love can flourish. We champion honesty and truth, guided by courage and humility in pursuit of wisdom. Authenticity is celebrated, alongside active listening and patience, promoting tolerance and compassion for all. These values unite us, shaping an inclusive and supportive space where learners can thrive and grow.

Programs and Services:

  • Quebec High School Diploma

  • Vocational Diplomas

Currentl offering Commerce- Secretarial and Accounting Vocational Diplomas

Other programs based on registrations

  • Academic Upgrading

  • Pre-requisite training

  • GDT (General Development Test) Testing

  • SSETs

  • Classroom and facility rental opportunities evenings and weekends

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Our SErvices
Our Services

Quebec High School Diploma

We are primarily an academic school providing high school diplomas and equivalencies.

Quebec Vocational Diploma

We offer various, periodic Vocational Diploma programs.

Academic advising

Contact us for advice on enrollment, courses, credits, transcripts, goal setting, and academic planning for your future!

student support services

Connect for student support in areas related to social-emotional support intake,  professional referrals, and community referral for funding.

WQSB Complaints procedure

The National Student Ombudsman is responsible for applying the complaint and report processing procedure in Québec’s education system.

As part of this province-wide and standardized procedure, the National Student Ombudsman is assisted by Regional Student Ombudsmen throughout Québec. Together, they ensure that student and parent rights are upheld. As a result, they contribute to the continuous improvement of education system services.

Student Life Gallery
Student Life Gallery
"It's fun I love the staffs."
-Julyne Babin
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Contact Us
Contact Us

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Connect with us about anything from obtaining your diploma to renting our centre and classrooms.

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